Together We Grow

  • History

    Founded by the top private investors with 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, we help to promote and develop, open up native and global communities, support marketing and raise fund for promising companies and projects in the digital asset sector, particularly in the use of block chain technology.

  • Vision 

    The Lighthouse aims to become a top venture not only in Vietnam but also on a global scale. LightHouse will be the one that every project thinks of when they need support in marketing and connecting. LightHouse Ventures also wants to become the lead instructor for users in the industry and the connector that shares benefits with other partners

  • Mission

    Blockchain technology has been a revolution, an opened door, and a huge advantage for us all. It opens up so many opportunities for investors in the digital asset sector. Therefore, The Lighthouse is on a mission to help those start-up companies and projects, to grow from a tiny seeds to healthy green trees, and along with that, create benefits for the entire community. The LightHouse also aims to become a lead instructor in the industry, to educate users about blockchain knowledge

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“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World,
Are The Ones Who Do.” - Rob Siltanen